Lunar Constellations Scarf


This scarf activates the 4 Lunar Constellations for you to get your timing right for everything you do. It also generates all the positive attributes of the four constellations.

The Green Dragon fills you with charisma, energy, new vitality and ambition.
The White Tiger imbues you with courage, strength, confidence and leadership.
The Crimson Phoenix generates positivity, power, rejuvenation and new opportunities.
The Black Tortoise brings good health, wealth, support, endurance and longevity.

The inclusion of the Activation and Empowering Mantra further energizes all four of these constellation animals, who are connected to one another by a cosmic chain.

Wear this luxurious scarf in 100% silk to benefit from the potent power of the Lunar Mansions.

Weight: 65 grams
Height: 88 cm
Length: 88 cm
Make: Silk

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