Luo Han with Crane for Good Health & Longevity


The Luo Han of Good Health and Longevity is depicted sitting on the Crane, the Bird of Immortality strongly identified with all the attributes of good health, long life, happiness and smoothness of flight. This Luo Han also holds the medicinal scroll believed to hold the secret cures to ailments of all kinds whether physical, emotional or mental.

This makes an excellent enhancer to ensure the whole family stays safe, and free from the rigours of ill health. It makes an ideal remedy for the illness star, and for households with elderly folk or anyone under a lot of stress, or who often feels under the weather. It is also a most auspicious and thoughtful birthday gift for ones parents or grandparents.

Place in the Southeast in 2024 to counter the #2 Illness Star there, to ensure the entire family stays healthy, happy and in fine fettle always. 

Weight: 800 grams
Height: 11 cm
Length: 11.5 cm
Width: 7.5 cm
Make: Metal & Zirconia

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