Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star

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This powerful talisman is designed to protect against the negative energy brought by the Quarrelsome #3 of the year.

  • Beautifully crafted cure featuring powerful Eagle taking control of the Quarrelsome Jade #3 star
  • In 2023, the annual Quarrelsome Star flies into the Southeast.
  • The Quarrelsome Star can bring law suits, legal entanglements and serious disagreements that threaten the harmony of business and family relationships. It brings great tension and stress.
  • The Eagle is the King of Birds, believed to be the manifestation of powerful dakini angels.
  • The Red Eagle clutches the Quarrelsome Star in its claws, taking it away from your home as it flies away. The key chain also features the “anti-anger” amulet of the dakinis to bring greater peace.
  • Due to the destructive nature this star, we strongly recommend for everyone, especially children, to carry this amulet talisman throughout the year.

Strongly recommended for:

  • Anyone living in East Bedrooms
  • Very good for children to carry the cure as a talisman (keychain) throughout the year to prevent any problems with elderly.

NOTE: We do not advise the continued use of key chain cures that have been used for more than a year, as it has already absorbed a lot of negative energy. We strongly advise disposing feng shui cures that are broken, chipped or badly scratched.

Weight: 40 grams
Height: 9 cm
Length: 7.5 cm
Make: Metal
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