Sky Dog


Auspicious Sky Animals
to awaken the power of the Lunar Mansions

The Sky Animals belong to the pantheon of Lunar Mansions, ruled by the Four Constellations and believed to control the timing of events and occurrences from the skies above. The 4 Constellations consist the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Crimson Phoenix, the same that form the basis of Landscape Feng Shui concerned with earthly matters on the ground. Their sky counterparts rule everything to do with timing and destiny from the heavens above.

Each animal from this heavenly troupe carries its own properties and meanings.

There are 28 in all, and each day in the calendar is ruled by one of these 28 animals, after which the cycle repeats itself. Days ruled by certain of these sky animals are more auspicious for certain activities, and less conducive for other activities. Each animal is characterized by their unique traits, and their presence in one’s living space brings good fortune luck of a particular kind, but especially, the luck of good timing.

We have only just started to tap this group of wonderful good fortune symbols, making a few sky animals each year, guided in our choice by the luck blueprint determined by the various luck charts of the year, and their interactions with each other.

This year, we introduce 4 more of the Sky Animals; the Sky Porcupine, Sky Raven, Sky Dog and Sky Rabbit.

promotes harmony and good relations

The Dog is a creature that symbolizes friendship, harmony and devotion.Across all cultures, he is considered Man’s Best Friend, with loyalty an overriding trait. The Sky variety of the Dog is even more auspicious, promoting harmony among family members and creating the kind of energy to make people around you more agreeable.

At the office, the presence of the Sky Dog ensures work always goes smoothly, attracting useful allies onto your side, and giving you influence over the people who matter. It helps gain you the support of superiors and subordinates alike, while gaining you respect with your peers.

In 2023, the Sky Dog is especially lucky, as the Dog is the secret friend of the ruling animal of the year, the Rabbit. This year, inviting in images of dogs is extremely auspicious, and especially this Sky variant hailing from the Lunar Mansions.

The Sky Dog is the 2nd animal of the White Tiger Constellation, and days ruled by the Sky Dog indicate a good time for family activities, for starting on construction of any kind, and for getting married.

Weight: 295 grams
Height: 9.5 cm
Length: 10.0 cm
Width: 5.0 cm
Make: Metal

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