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Jyoti Arora is one of India's most prolific expert on Vedic Astrology and Tarot! CEOs, celebrities and politicians in India rely on her guidance and advice to make life-changing decisions! Jyoti is a feature columnist in all of India's major publications and runs her own television slot on Kismet Connection daily Show! World of Feng Shui is proud to bring you a unique vedic astrology reading

What To Expect From This Consultation

In this consultation you will receive specific guidance and advice to your personal query. Miss Jyoti Arora will construct your Vedic Chart according to your birth date, time and location, and use it to determine all the astrological influences that have led to your present situation and indicate timings when your situation will change. If you have a current dilemma, please state this in your query and Miss Jyoti will check outcomes using her Tarot Cards. In her report Miss Jyoti will also provide you with recommendations on how you can improve or enhance your current situation with the use of Gem Therapy and Feng Shui. Please fill up the form below and click "Add to Cart" to order.

Important Note:

  1. Place of birth with latitude and longitude data shall make report more accurate.
  2. If time of birth is not provided, the report shall be generated using Tarot reading.
  3. If full details are submitted, we will provide Vedic Astrology and Tarot Card report.
  4. Please phrase your question in a specific manner as Miss Jyoti will address your question by checking your astrological data in relation to this query and confirm it with a Tarot Card Reading. It is useful to provide Miss Jyoti with some background of your current situation as this will help in diagnosing your present astrological situation

Example of a question relating to career:
I am I'm thinking of changing my job and I would like to know whether it is a good idea to pursue a new job or stick with my current job and hope for a promotion. I work in IT field, and although I applied for a promotion early this year, i did not receive it. Please can you advise me whether I should find a new job, change careers or should I hold out for a promotion? Should I start a business on the side?

Example of a question relating to relationship:
I'm having difficulty in getting married. For the past two years i was engaged to a man but he has left me for another woman. Before this man, I was also in a relationship with someone for 3 years but he did not propose and I broke it off because he was not interested in marriage. Please can you advise me whether I am destined to marry, and if yes, when I will meet someone new?

Example of a question relating to Family:
My husband and I have been married for 5 years now and we have been struggling to conceive a child. His birthdate is as follows: born on XX/XX/XX time of birth XX.XX pm at XXXX city. We have tried everything short of fertility treatments. All our efforts seem to have been in vain. Please can you advise me whether we are destined to have children, and if so, when can we expect to conceive? We are now considering adoption as a possible option.

Example of a question relating to Business:
I run a business wholesaling jewelry and business has gone well for the past 8 years. However all of a sudden business has slowed down a lot this year (since January 2013) and my cash flow has been tightening up. I also suspect that my suppliers have been cheating me by selling my products and my designs directly to my distributors . Please can you check my chart to see what I can do, how long this difficult period will last, and also give me an indication as to whether my business partners or suppliers are loyal to my business?

The report will be emailed to you in within 14 business days.

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Keaw La

The services provided is ok, I don’t quite fully understand the report. But will be rereading again

Hi Keaw La, if you have any questions regarding the report, you can email Ms Jyoti directly. She will be happy to assist you :)

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