White Tara Longevity Vase

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The Longevity Vase is a potent feng shui cure for subduing illness vibes brought by the flying star #2 as well as the Reducing Energy Star from the 24 mountains. It carries the beautiful image of White Tara, one of the three Long Life Buddhas, and is filled with long-life mantras according to lineage instructions.

In 2024, the illness star #2 flies into the the Southeast. Those who live here or have an entrance here are advised to take care of health, and keep stress levels to a minimum. Place this long life vase in the Southeast to help avert health complications.

Weight: 770 grams
Height: 20.5 cm
Length: 11 cm
Width: 11 cm
Make: Alloy

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It is such a great health enhancer. It has sacred substances inside. It was intricately made and is heavy.

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