White Tiger Constellation Charms Hanging

US$63.97 US$44.78

Activate the White Tiger Constellation of the Lunar Mansions for powerful Protection Luck! The 7 Sky Animals in the Tiger Constellation will ensure you get your timing right for all your important moves and decisions and generate all the positive attributes of the White Tiger Courage, Strength, Confidence, Determination and Leadership.

The Tiger is also the creature that brings hidden wealth luck. Wearing the constellation of the Tiger boosts propensity to make money.

Weight: 45 grams
Charm Height: 1.5 cm - 2.5 cm
Charm Width: 1.2 cm - 3 cm
Length: 24.5 cm
Make: Alloy

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Thelma Trinidad
Beautiful and powerful!

Great image and quality. Very powerful also!

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