Flying Star January 2023

January 2023 Flying Stars
A month when protection is needed
  • A month full of promise and seeming opportunities.
  • Plenty of “Special” combinations.
  • Luckiest sectors are SE, South, SW and NW.
  • East, NE and West also hold potential.
  • But Center Sector is very dangerous.
As we move into January and the last month of the Tiger Year, while the Flying Star chart appears to hold out much promise, with many sectors housing very auspicious combinations, the main thing that seems to dominate the chart is the magnifying star 9 joining the Five Yellow in the centre, casting a shadow over everything else. A usual way to read this, and to respond, whenever you find these two stars together, is to tread warily. Among the promise brought by all the other lucky sectors, this indication looms forebodingly, suggesting a need for caution, and for wearing and carrying protection.

While success and attainment are well within reach, they will not come without its perils.

But another more positive interpretation is the fact that the number 9 is getting stronger and much more auspicious as we head towards the Period of 9. Yes, 2023 is the eve of a new period, when the star number 9 takes on a new magnificence, bringing luck in every form, wealth, health, happiness, and fulfilment. The Five Yellow should always be viewed with some caution, but the best one can do is to suppress its negative aspects, and to activate the number 9 which accompanies it this January.

For everyone, we recommend carrying the Emerald Pagoda. Place the Emerald Pagoda placement cure in the centre, and carry the portable version – as a hanging, or a miniature – in your handbag. Then get to work activating the other very lucky indications in all the other sectors.
In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine yourdirections or locations; the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.
12th Month of the Ren Yin Water Tiger Year (6th January 2023 - 3rd February 2023)

Wealth & Prosperity, and Happiness!

The Southeast is the luckiest sector this month, with the Prosperity Star attracting financial success and wealth! Display the Pak Choy here for money luck and for income from multiple sources. Spend more time in the SE this month if you can! Lights, noise and music will bring the energies of this sector to life! Those in academic fields will have a smooth and prolific time; display Manjushri’s Buddha Plaque here to capture this luck! Romance and relationship luck is also excellent! Display the Romance Comb for romance luck, and the Sky Rabbit for your relationships to be fruitful, and for your friendships to bring joy.

Business & Commercial Luck

The stars here combine to bring business and commercial luck to this sector. Buildings and homes that face South benefit from greater sales and profitability; new deals can be reached and marketing efforts bear fruit. To enhance business luck, place the Dragon Pi Xie here. On a more personal level, the stars here also bring favourable indications for those who are single, attracting romance luck, and making those residing in this part of the home very attractive to the opposite sex! Display the Romance Comb to give love luck a big boost! For students, an excellent time to start learning a new skill. Display the Dragon Carp or a Brush with View of 3 Mountain Peaks for exam and scholastic luck. Those in creative fields find new inspiration. There will be increased productivity and plenty of opportunities to excel.

Windfalls & New Opportunities

Unexpected windfalls grace the residents of the Southwest, and bring good news, particularly for the Matriarchs of the home. Career luck for women gets enhanced as heaven luck shines down on them; enhance by placing the Rising Golden Dragon here. Display the Windfall Activator to activate for bonuses and bonanzas. An excellent time to invite in a Kuan Yin plaque to be placed in the SW. For those who play the stock market, display the Big Money Bull here.

Sum-of-Ten Completion Luck; but Beware Loss

If your main door is located here, you must be extremely careful. There is danger of robbery. Violence and physical injury are also risks. Keep this part of the home quiet. Do not play the radio or turn on the TV here. Place the Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino here to calm the clash of elements in the sector. If your room or entrance is here, carry the Anti-Burglary Amulet or wear the Blue Hues Sacred Protection Scarf, especially when out of the house. Place “Ngan Chee” Happy Buddha here to transform the bad energy into good energy. But there is also auspicious completion luck; carry the Sum-of-Ten Amulet to actualise.

Misfortune Star magnified, but #9 gets luckier

The center sector has the resident Five Yellow magnified by the incoming number 9 star, which magnifies its danger levels, suggesting you need to have your Five Element Pagoda, or Emerald Pagoda, in place here. Because the dominant stars of the chart affects everyone, everyone should also carry the portable version of this remedy at all times. The Wood element energy of the green colour of this new year’s pagoda is especially potent at suppressing the 5 Yellow, as Wood extinguishes the Earth of the Five Yellow misfortune star, while fuelling Fire, the element of the auspicious number 9.

Illness, but indication of Big Wealth

The West gets a visit from the monthly illness star, bringing problems associated with the lungs; this afflicts young children and the elderly, while sapping the energies of those who are working “too hard”. There is Big Wealth indicated, bringing all manner of opportunities, but while chasing those openings, keep your good health in mind. Don’t take unnecessary physical risks and beware exhaustion and burn-out. Display the Healing Herbs Wu Lou or Great Magic Tortoise here. Pregnant women must not stay in the West as there is danger of miscarriage. For money luck, place the Ho Tu Mirror here.

Leadership luck, but Quarrelsome

The Monthly 3/8 Ho Tu brings excellent leadership and new business opportunities, but there are obstacles to wealth with the clash of elements in the sector. This clash can spark disagreements with vendors and business partners. Be careful what you say and take care not to offend others! Display a Red Prosperity Elephant here. Use a red & gold colour scheme to exhaust the troublesome Wood energies that bring disharmony. Supress conflict vibes with the Trinity of Apples and display a Big Money Bull to enhance the annual prosperity star.

Misfortune indications; beware

The monthly Five Yellow brings health problems related to the kidneys, as well as general misfortune. Elderly people prone to illness should avoid staying in the North this month. Place the Emerald Pagoda to suppress the #5 in this sector. Display the Healing Herbs Wu Lou and Bejewelled White Tara to safeguard health luck. There could be setbacks at work if your office or desk is located here; don’t be discouraged if your objectives seem difficult to meet. Hang in there till the unfortunate energies of the month pass.

Knowledge & Wisdom

An excellent month for the residents of the Northwest. Financial success and victory are indicated. Recognition for work done can lead to spectacular promotion. For those in business, good decisions get made and new milestones get reached. Enhance this excellent luck by displaying “Choy San” God of Wealth or the Windfall Activator. If your office is in this sector, place the Magnificent Kwan Kung with 5 Flags here to enhance success and to meet all your targets. Use a Prosperity Gold Bar on your desk as a paperweight to attract money luck!
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