Flying Star November 2022

November 2022 Flying Stars
Dangerous Dominance of Earth Stars in Center
  • Illness Star joins Five Yellow in the Center
  • Risk of accidents, illness, violence increases
  • Essential to carry protective amulets
  • Lucky sectors are SE, SOUTH, SW and WEST.
November does not bring much respite from a difficult October. The previous month was characterised by conflict. The coming one sees the #2 join the Five Yellow for yet more challenges, in the form of illness, violence, accidents. This is a warning for everyone to remain careful. We suggest always wearing or carrying protective amulets through November, and to place appropriate remedies in the afflicted areas in our homes, particularly in the central sector where the malevolent Earth energies are so strong.

The centre sector needs the Wu Lou. If you live in a large house, place an appropriate number of Wu Lous, or get one in an appropriate size, the Mega Wu Lou. Make sure you also have your Five Element Pagoda there to keep the annual wu wang well under control. We suggest not to use the centre part of the home for too many activities this month, and avoid the other afflicted sectors if you can ‚ÄďEast, NE, North and NW. Keep all afflicted sectors quiet, and not too brightly lit.

The auspicious sectors this month are the SE, SOUTH, SW and WEST sectors. Plan your activities around these parts of the home.

The chart indicates that the luck of the Matriarch is stronger than the luck of the Patriarch in November, with the mother of the family bringing everyone together and restoring balance and harmony in the home. Fathers need to keep their cool and their tempers in check, as the NW, the sector that represents the father, is afflicted with the Quarrelsome Star #3. The effects of this star number often cause as many problems as the Five Yellow or Illness Star 2, and with its arrival in the NW, which represents the leader, it is a good idea to ensure its bad effects are properly subdued. All homes should have the Magical Cosmic Apple in the NW this month.
In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine yourdirections or locations; the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.
10th Month of the Ren Yin Water Tiger Year (7th November 2022 - 6th December 2022)


Students and scholars excel at studies, while writers benefit from success in literary ventures. Promotions at work are possible this month. Take advantage of the good energy here to advance your career. Enhance with the Dragon Carp with 3-Legged Toad and display a Chinese Calligraphy Set here. Those taking exams benefit from the auspicious chi of this sector. Place a Manjushri Wisdom Pagoda to enhance. Occupants of this sector also enjoy good romance luck. Activate for love with a pair of Mandarin Ducks. Avoid water in this sector.


The heaven star flies in, bringing windfalls and helpful people. Display the Golden Earth Dragon or Jade Emperor Windchime here to energize for wealth luck. However, the clash of elements in this sector suggests there could be misunderstandings between generations, leading to arguments between young and old. Eye-related disorders are likely to bother occupants and aggravate tempers as well. Use the Magical Cosmic Apple or Harmony Lock to reconcile the elements here and to restore harmony. If your bedroom is in this sector, place a Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes beside your bed to protect against illness.


The Prosperity Star flies into the SW, bringing wealth luck to occupants of this sector. Activate the good fortune here with the Trio of Wealth Gods and Activating Prosperity Tree. Those living in SW-facing houses will have good investment luck this month. This visiting star number also benefits women this month. This sector also enjoys the auspicious sum-of-ten combination formed by the combination of the month and year stars. This brings excellent completion luck, making this a good time to bring projects to a close, and putting ideas into action. Don’t forget to keep the #2 annual star here subdued with a Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes.


If your front door is in this sector, you must keep it brightly lit, because the stars present in this sector indicate the likelihood of big quarrels within the household. To quell these quarrelsome energies, display the Five Prosperity Bats Red Carpet and Magical Cosmic Apple here. The energies of conflict get enhanced by the incoming monthly star, making it extremely strong. Therefore, occupants may be troubled by quarrels that can lead to lawsuits and other legal problems. Display the Harmony Lock here to further stabilise the energies in this sector.


Stars in the centre bring illness and misfortune to the whole family. Problems arise from trouble at work, financial disputes, illness and loss. To overcome the unlucky stars here, display the Mega Wu Lou and carry the Golden Mantra Pagoda Keychain to keep bad chi at bay. Obstacles and illness energies prevail for the next few weeks. Do not have open fires or candles here, because the fire energy here could reach a critical point. Avoid using this sector if you can and display the Heart Sutra Pagoda or Five Element Pagoda here to keep the afflicted chi under control.


The combination here makes it an unfavourable time for the residents of this sector. Occupants of the West must be thorough with their work, as errors could end up costing a lot. This combination also brings danger of being cheated or betrayed. Remedy this affliction by placing Kwan Kung Plaques in this sector. The clash of elements here also points to frequent arguments. Pregnant women should avoid this sector as extremely unfavourable for them. Remedy this affliction with the Armoured Elephant and Rhinoceros.


The misfortune star brings severe monetary problems and bad luck to occupants of the Northeast. Display a Heart Sutra Pagoda here to protect against money loss. The annual Prosperity Star continues to bring wealth luck; activate with the Trio of Wealth Gods in this sector. Unfortunately, the energy here is unfavourable for children, so avoid letting young children sleep here this month. Occupants of this sector: wear the Life Force Medallion close to the body for protection. Avoid rough sports, as it could lead to limb injuries or breaks caused by falls. Illness chi could also cause health problems related to the stomach, muscles and mouth.


The monthly betrayal and robbery star fly in, bringing accidents and money loss to occupants of this sector. Place the Armoured Elephant and Rhinoceros Plaque here to suppress the bad energies and to protect against break-ins. Those residing here may encounter serious competition in their careers. Display the Wisdom Kwan Kung Mini Plaque and the Kwan Kung with Dragon Plaque to activate for wealth luck. Place the Sky Horse with Victory Flag to ensure you are triumphant over your competitors. Occupants of this sector benefit from wearing the Bhrum Pendant for overall protection against physical or spiritual harm.


Residents of this sector will be troubled by disagreements and arguments, which could lead to legal implications. To prevent the quarrelsome energy from taking hold, place a Magical Cosmic Apple and the Five Prosperity Bats Red Carpet in this sector. The good news is that the occupants enjoy good speculative luck and unexpected windfalls. Health-wise, it is highly unfavourable for men. Lung problems are indicated. Display the God of Longevity here and place the Wu Lou with Joyous Cranes to maintain good health. Keep this sector quiet this month.
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