Flying Star October 2023

October 2023 Flying Stars
Many Auspicious Sectors to Tap
  • Expansion Star #9 moves to the centre
  • Four sectors enjoy HO TU luck - SE, SW, EAST, CENTER
  • NE brings completion luck
  • SOUTH enjoys romance luck
  • Victory luck in the NW
  • Beware NORTH and WEST sectors
October’s chart leans heavily on the lucky side. With the #9 Magnification Star joining the #4 Peach Blossom Star and strengthening it, academics, writers and students, especially those preparing for examinations will find this a productive time. Relationships are expected to blossom all round, with many being of the romantic kind. The Ho Tu combination that the stars form also brings profits and commercial success to those in business. Add these indications to the prevalence of lucky sectors, and we have a very positive chart indeed!

Apart from the Centre sector, three other sectors enjoy special Ho Tu luck - the SE, SW and East. Each Ho Tu in the different sectors brings a very special brand of luck, which can be activated with the Golden Chi Lin or the Ho Tu Enhancer Mirror. Depending on the kind of luck you are looking for, you should take note to enhance the right Ho Tu in the right location. The NE, South and NW are also lucky. Spend more time in these sectors and activate the auspicious energies here with enhancers.

The two sectors that require strong remedies are the North and West, which feature the Five Yellow and Illness Star, respectively. Avoid spending too much time here. Residents of homes facing these two directions and those with bedrooms in these sectors should reinforce protection by keeping the Peacock Feathers Mirror Fan close.
In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine yourdirections or locations; the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.
9th Month of the Gui Mao Water Rabbit Year (8th October 2023 - 6th November 2023)

Wealth & Leadership Ho Tu

The Southeast sees the #8 combining with the #3 to form the Leadership Ho Tu. This brings good command skills to those residing in this sector, and benefits those in positions of management or power. Anyone can activate this sector with the Ho Tu Enhancer Mirror to enjoy these auspicious energies. The #8 also brings great wealth and prosperity luck. It boosts income and investment prospects, improves relationships and turbo charges success. Fill the Southeast with wealth enhancers like the Pak Choy, Activating Prosperity Tree and Big Money Bull to benefit. As this sector has the energies of the Quarrelsome Star, those with bedrooms and main doors here should continue to carry the Trinity of Apples Amulet.

Romance & Networking Luck

The Peach Blossom Star moves into the South, bringing favourable energies for those looking for love. Singles can invite romantic encounters into their lives by displaying the Rose Quartz Peaches or Peach Blossom Music Tree in this sector. Those in a relationship can strengthen their love bonds by displaying the Marriage Lock here. There is also powerful networking luck for those looking to advance their position at work and in business. Combined with the Prosperity Star, new connections have a good chance of leading to increases in income, net worth, happiness, or all three! Activate with the Cardinal Connectivity Activator and Choy San. An auspicious month for the South, predicting a happy time for residents.

Heaven Luck & Intellectual Ho Tu

The SW is an excellent sector to activate as the combination of stars here forms the Ho Tu that enhances intelligence and ingenuity. Activating the energies here helps you find solutions to impossible problems and increases your ability to think outside the box. The incoming Heaven Star also brings divine assistance, new opportunities, mentors and windfalls. Take advantage of all these auspicious energies by displaying the Ho Tu Enhancer, Jade Emperor Windchime and Windfall Luck Activator here. Students and those looking to give your career a boost can also display the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman to attract mentor and benefactor luck.

Great Wealth Ho Tu

While the East has to contend with the monthly Loss Star, it joins with the annual #2 to form the Big Wealth Ho Tu. This eases cash flow problems and improves wealth luck. Windfalls are also possible. Display the Ho Tu Enhancer Mirror with wealth enhancers here to activate. Counter the incoming Loss Star with the Anti Robbery Plaque or Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros. If your bedroom or main door is located in this sector, you must take extra precautions to stay protected. Wear the Hum Syllable with Zircon Diamond Pendant or the Gold Kuan Kung Pendant to ward off those with evil intentions and carry the Wealth Lock Amulet to protect your wealth..

Commercial Ho Tu

The monthly #9 meets the annual #4 in the centre sector, boosting everyone’s ingenuity and wisdom, while also generating fabulous Ho Tu energies that bring business success. Harness your inner creativity and greater wisdom by displaying the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa here. Those in business can carry the Ho Tu Enhancer to ensure you make the most of the opportunities that come your way. A good time to sign new deals, roll out new plans or make big changes in direction. Activate the #9 Star for ever growing wealth and prosperity luck with the Nine Rank Badge Plaque. As scholastic luck is magnified here as well, academics and students will benefit from having the Brush with View of 3 Peaks.


The Illness Star visiting the West dampens the month for residents of West-facing homes and West sector bedrooms. You could feel more lethargic, fall sick or take longer to recover from injuries. You could also fall victim to spiritual disturbances. Work can seem more challenging, and stress can build up. Don’t take your health for granted. Display the Healing Herbs & Longevity Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha Plaque here to remedy. Wear the Good Health & Wellbeing Medallion to keep illness chi at bay. Keep this sector dark and quiet if you can. Elderly folk and those currently battling ill health should avoid sleeping in this part of the home this month.

Completion Luck

The Northeast enjoys fabulous completion luck, courtesy of the stars residing here that form the super auspicious Sum-of-Ten. This brings the kind of luck that allows you to finish what you start. It also predicts auspicious outcomes for things you are working on. If you are fighting the clock on projects or have a dilemma to solve, you should actively enhance the energies here with the Completion Horse. Those who reside in the NE or have your main door facing NE can also carry the Sum-of-Ten Amulet. The energies here do however contain conflict chi, which can negatively impact your relationships and future prospects. Suppress this by displaying the Trinity of Apples and a red carpet here.

Strong Cures Needed

The monthly 5 Yellow joins the Expansion Star in the North, bringing risk of misfortune, illness, money loss, conflicts and obstacles. Minimise the use of this sector this month; keep it low key and quiet. Suppress misfortune chi by displaying the Emerald Pagoda here. If your bedroom or main door is located North, also carry the Pagoda Amulet and wear the Blue Hues Sacred Protection Shawl when out and about. Those who suffer poor health or at high risk for health afflictions should place a Wu Lou by their bedside. Protect your relationships and preserve your wealth by displaying the Red Prosperity Elephant on your work desk.

Victory Luck

Big improvements are indicated for the Patriarch, leaders and those who reside in this part of the home. The Victory Star flying in brings career advancement and business success. It enhances your analytical skills and sharpens your intuition. Harness the winning energies here by displaying the Windhorse and carrying the Windhorse Success Amulet. Those in business benefit from having the Double Humped Camel in the NW sector of your office. If looking to climb the career ladder, display the Dragon Ru Yi on your desk. A lucky sector to spend time in, but watch that it does not get excessively noisy, or the annual #5 Star here could get activated. Continue to carry the Pagoda Amulet at all times.
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