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Paht Chee Reading

USD 201.60 (30% off) USD 288.00

Due to huge demand, both report and verbal reading will be emailed to you in within 21 business days.

We are sorry that we do not do Paht Chee analysis for people under the age of 15 and below.

Paht Chee otherwise known as the 4 pillars of destiny reading is a kind of Chinese astrology. Using your date and time of birth (please use date based on the English calendar and local time), a chart is generated which is then interpreted in order to determine the strength of your heaven luck.

The Chinese believe that when we lead a successful and easy life we are deemed to be lucky and if things do not go so well or filled with obstacles, we are then said to be unlucky. But what is luck all about? Luck as we have it is made up of 3 portions:

One third is Heaven luck, or the kind of luck that you were born with. It is based on the date and time that you were born and uses the Chinese lunar calendar.  It is this portion of your luck that we will be looking at in a paht chee reading. Once you know what is the level of heaven luck that you possess, you will be able to learn how to best optimize your luck by correcting for various deficiencies in your paht chee chart. 

The other luck is known as Earth luck and this is the luck that you gain as a result of your surroundings and environment, such the house that you live in and so forth. This kind of luck is analyzed using the practice of Feng Shui.

The third kind of luck is known as Mankind luck and this is the luck that you create based on your actions and decisions. It is also known as karma.

The final outcome of your life will be dependent on the sum total of these 3 kinds of luck. As such we will require at least 55% or more luck in order to have a good and stable life. Thus, only correcting for the Feng Shui of your home does not fulfil the full equation of luck. Only after having a Paht Chee reading done will we know which part of our luck is deficient and thus then able to improve the standard of our life.

Paht chee readings are also used, as a method to gauge when your heaven luck is high and when is it low. During periods when your heaven luck is high you can take more chances with investments or changing jobs or for getting married or other important activities. When your heaven luck is low, it is time to keep a low profile and be more cautious when it comes to investing money and with making important decisions. It is thru destiny analysis that one will begin to realize the timing behind various key events that occur throughout your life.

Our Resident Paht Chee Expert Mr Phillip Lim will analyze your birth chart in detail and his simplified and practical approach to this ancient Chinese science of fortune telling will equip you with the know how to understand why do certain things happen in your life as well. He will teach you how you can identify your lucky and unlucky periods so you will know when to lie low so as to reduce your risk exposure.

How will your reading be given?

  1. You will receive Word document which is a summarized report of 9 - 12 pages
  2. You will receive 2 MP3 files which will be a verbal reading of your chart.
  3. Both report and verbal reading will be emailed to you in within 21 business days

We will identify the following information for you:

  1. Problems areas and obstacle periods of your life.
  2. Remedies and solutions for improving your heaven luck.
  3. In depth reading for your luck for the current year and the following 4 years.
  4. [NEW] A detailed reading of your luck for the immediate 12 months, with special detail on what you need to watch out for.
Both report and verbal reading will be emailed to you in within 14 business days
We do not permit people under the age of
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Kirsten on 03/25/2019 10:38am
Thank you so much for your excellent interpretation of my Paht Chee Chart. You are totally correct in that I work hard and that my life has a lot of bumps :). This is really an issue.

I took the liberty to prepare an audio with some details. presenting myself, feedback and also a couple of questions. As the audio is a little longer, I had to send it with "wetransfer" ( arrives in 2. email)

In advance I thank you for all your attention and I am looking to hearing from you.
Roman on 03/25/2019 10:15am
First of all I want to say Thank you for the great job you do reading my path chee. I really appreciate it. I wish you the best of life, lots of abundance and blessings.

Thank you again.
Aliya on 09/19/2018 10:35am
I hope you are well. Thank you so much for preparing Paht Chee readings for my mom and brother. I have translated your readings into Russian and read them. Both of them found it fascinating and have already started using the remedies!

Also I wanted to share some interesting things that have happened to me since I attended Lilian's MP course in April. In June I invited my mom and my brother to visit me in England for my PhD graduation. They applied for a visa but were very anxious that they may get refused. Then I saw Lilian in my dreams coming for my graduation with my mom. In a few days the visa came without any delays and my mom and brother came for the graduation. I did not know what to think but thought it is just a coincidence. Then last Thursday I attended a job interview for a position I really wanted to get. The interview went okay but the panel shortlisted me but could not make a final decision, so they said that they will come back to me in a few weeks time. I felt very frustrated and disappointed, and thought that my chances to get the job were low. The night after interview I saw Lilian in my dreams again, she was happy and smiling, talking about something I cannot remember, but I woke up with a feeling that everything will be alright and I stopped worrying. Today I have been offered a position I wanted. It looks like a miracle and I believe now that Lilian is looking after her students not only in reality but also in some invisible reality. I don't know if other students have been sharing similar experiences but I wanted to share it with you anyway.
Dareth on 09/18/2018 12:02pm
Thank you so much for my detailed reading! I really love Paht Chee and have read Lillian Too's "Secrets of Your Birth Chart" cover to cover twice and have read all of the Paht Chee articles on Wofs.com MULTIPLE times. I love the WOFS Paht Chee articles. They are so fascinating, I read them over and over. It amazes me with how accurate it is. It really is a beautiful science and art. I would love to learn more about Paht Chee, but I don't think I can make it to the classes that are offered in Malaysia, since I live in California and that is so far away. Can you recommend any advanced books on Paht Chee?

Your reading was 100% accurate in every respect. I was familiar with many of the points that you made from reading "Secrets of Your Birth Chart," but one of the things that was totally new to me is the issue of the "Side Clash animal." You told me the story of my life in that reading! Every time something good happens, it comes with a terrible terrible cost, the "opportunity cost" that you mentioned. I have been practicing feng shui for years now (I love feng shui) and more recently I have implemented the recommendations from Lillian's Paht Chee book, and this has helped. But there was still that "opportunity cost" that you mentioned (although mitigated now as compared to the past). I really feel that knowing how to overcome that will make a very positive impact on my life. I am going to implement all of your suggestions TODAY. I guess I will just have to buy myself even more gold jewelry! :)

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