Green Mountain with Gold for Growth and Prosperity


The Green Mountain of Gold is excellent for the career-minded person who wishes to grow into greater things! This is also an excellent mountain for new departments or new businesses which need GROWTH energy to succeed. Place this mountain in the Mountain 8 star of the office if your Mountain 8 star is located in the Southeast, East or South. For support in career growth and office projects, place it directly behind you if your sitting-position at work is facing North, West or Northwest. Each print is personalised with genuine gold leaf to activate prosperity and success.

Note: Gold Leaf is hand-applied by our craftsmen to ensure authenticity; hence every image order is unique. Please note that the print you receive could vary slightly from the photo shown. This is a limited-edition print from Lillian Too's Authentic Art collection.

Weight: 575 grams
Height: 39 cm
Length: 48.5 cm
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