Lillian Too's Feng Shui Measurement Tape


The feng shui measuring tape is widely used by feng shui practitioners around the world. There are auspicious and inauspicious dimensions, and those who make regular use of a feng shui ruler or measuring tape can measure their tables, desks, cupboards, windows and doors to check if the dimensions are auspicious or inauspicious, thereby improving their good fortune luck.

The feng shui measuring tape has eight cycles of dimensions, four of which are lucky, and four unlucky. You can apply auspicious dimensions to almost everything! At home, you can use it to measure the length, breadth and heights of rooms, doors and furniture to determine the dimensions and proportions that will encourage good fortune.

At the office, you can also use it to measure the proportions of your work desk, business name cards, logo or business name plaque to encourage better profits, better sales and improved performance.

Weight: 35 grams
Make: Canvas

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