The Five Dhyani Buddhas

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The five Dhyani buddhas represent the five families of buddhas. Each Dhyani Buddha has a specific colour, hand gesture and symbol, which represent his meanings and his purpose. You can display them according to their directions individually or together on the altar table. Invite the 5 Dhyani Buddhas into your home to invoke their countless blessings.

The benefits of display 5 Dhyani buddhas at home:

  • Keeps you immune to gossip and slander
  • Keeps your children safe from harm
  • Attracts prosperity to the household
  • Protects against becoming a victim of any kind
  • Ensures good business luck
  • Avoids accidents at home and during travel
  • Protects against loss of income
  • Protects against black magic spells


­Ratnasambhava Buddha is the head of Jewel Family. This Buddha is yellow in colour. He is in the South and his symbols is the jewel. He purifies all miserliness and greed. He removes obstacles to wealth and increases wealth and success, allowing you to have more than enough so you can easily afford to be generous. He activates the wisdom of generosity.


­­Amitabha Buddha is the head of the Lotus Family. This Buddha is red in colour and his symbols is the lotus. He resides in the West direction. Known as the Compassionate Buddha, he destroys all attachment, promotes unconditional loving, and activates the wisdom of non-attachment.


­­Vairocana Buddha is the head of the Tathagata Family. This Buddha is white in colour and his symbol is the Dharma Wheel. He represents the center. Vairocana purifies all ignorance, negativities and misconception. He activates the wisdom of knowledge. Vairocana will particularly help leaders, bosses, managers and anyone who is regularly called upon to make good and wise decisions. He is also the Buddha for all students and those in search of knowledge.


­­Amoghasiddhi Buddha is the head of the Karma or Action Family. This Buddha is green in colour and his symbol is the Double Dorje. He resides in the North and destroys all jealousy and pride. He also activates the wisdom of action. He brings success luck to all one’s endeavours and when you call on his help, he will help actualize your dreams into reality through action. He brings blessings for all of your loftiest aims and goals to be realized.


­­Akshobya Buddha is the head of the Vajra Family. This Buddha is blue in colour and his symbol is the Vajra. He resides in the East direction and has the power to subdue all anger and conflict in your life. He activates the wisdom of patience. He brings blessings to improve all the relationships in your life, bringing harmony into all your interactions with others. Invoke his blessings for a happy marriage, a harmonious family life, supportive relationships in the workplace and friendships that last.

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