Flying Star January 2024

January 2024 Flying Stars
Sum-of-Ten Indicates Great Productivity
  • Heaven Star 6 forms Sum-of-Ten in the centre
  • Luckiest sectors are SOUTH, EAST, CENTRE and WEST
  • SE, SW, NW and NORTH need remedies
  • NE brings long-term prosperity luck but watch for betrayals
  • Sectors of the matriarch and patriarch are severely afflicted
The first month of 2024 is promising as its Flying Star chart is dominated by the lucky Heaven Star 6. When combined with the annual 4 star in the center, it also forms the powerful Sum-of-Ten combination. This showers the entire household with completion luck and heavenly support, making it an excellent time to put as many of your plans as you can into motion. Make full use of the auspicious energies of the month by placing the Completion Horse and Namgyalma in the centre of the home.

Other auspicious sectors include the South, East and West. The South welcomes the Victory Star 1 while East plays host to the Relationship Star 4. The West enjoys the company of the Prosperity Star. Homes that are oriented East-West benefit the most, especially in the areas of making money and friends. Use these sectors of your living space as much as possible.

The SE, SW, NW and North sectors are afflicted. The SE and NW are visited by the Five Yellow and Loss Star 7 respectively. The SW contends with quarrelsome energies, while the North has magnified illness chi. If your main door or bedroom are in any of these sectors, you must put remedies in place.

The energies in the NE are mixed. While it enjoys the growing auspiciousness of the 9 star, it can also manifest money loss, robberies and betrayals. If you want to activate for good fortune here, you must make sure you are well protected.
In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine yourdirections or locations; the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.
12th Month of the Gui Mao Water Rabbit Year (6th January 2024 - 3rd February 2024)

Misfortune Chi

The Wu Wang meeting with the 3 Star makes this a badly afflicted sector. Together, they bring conflict, illness, accidents and injuries. Money problems could also arise. Keep this part of the home quiet and undisturbed. Avoid renovating or any form of knocking, drilling and hacking. Place the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda here to suppress misfortune chi, and a red carpet to further subdue conflict chi. If this is where your main door or bedroom is located, carry the White Umbrella Goddess Amulet and wear the "AH" Dakini Popularity Amulet. Boost your health with the Pair of Cranes with Peaches & Bamboo by your bedside. Get the Sky Wolf to protect against money loss, and for help in getting your timing right.

Victory Luck

The South plays host to the lucky 1 Star, which brings extraordinary luck in one's career and business ventures. You could find yourself with new and exciting opportunities, and it becomes easier to overcome rivals and obstacles in the pursuit of your goals. If facing any kind of competitive situation this month, this is an excellent sector to tap. Capture its auspicious energies by displaying the Rooster with Dragon Tortoise or Period 9 Windhorse here. Occupants of South-facing homes and South sector bedrooms should carry the Period 9 Windhorse Amulet. Students sitting for exams also benefit a great deal from the winning energies here; display the Scholar with Eagle Mini Plaque in this sector to boost scholastic and exam luck.

Beware Conflict Chi

The 3 star in the SW brings conflict chi. Disputes between family members can happen more frequently, and working with others becomes more difficult. Keep activities here to a minimum and remove anything that makes too much noise. Strong remedies are needed to prevent problems occurring. Display the 3 Harmony Animals to diffuse the hostile chi. Matriarchs and residents of SW-facing homes and SW bedrooms should carry the amulet version. Place the 9 Dragons Carpet or 9 Dragons Cushion Covers here to further exhaust the Wood chi of the number 3. If married and sleeping in the SW, place the Double Happiness Vase with Lillies by your bedside to keep your love bonds strong and to protect against outside interference and infidelities.

Networking & Scholastic Luck

Residents of East-facing homes and East sector bedrooms can look forward to a more easygoing time. The 4 star here enhances relationships, creativity and study luck. Students find learning new things less arduous, and those looking to get ahead in their careers will find good ideas flowing more easily. Networking efforts tend to be more fruitful. Access the lucky vibes here by displaying the Lucky Pink Elephant and Cardinal Connectivity Activator. If your main door or bedroom is in the East, carry the Talent Star Activator and Secret Friend Talisman for your animal sign. Students can improve study luck by displaying the Manjushri Plaque. If single and looking to meet someone special, get the Bejewelled Mandarin Ducks.

Completion Luck & Divine Support

The 6 star combining with the 4 star in the centre forms the Sum-of-Ten combination, blessing the entire household with abundance and completion luck. There are also excellent energies bringing windfalls, recognition, new opportunities and divine support. Don't let these lucky energies go to waste! Take advantage of the auspicious vibrations by carrying the Heaven Seal Talisman and Sum-of-Ten Amulet. Attract the luck of mentors and benefactors with the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman. For wealth and windfall luck, get the Tai Kat Tai Ley Enhancer. If you are in business and have plans for expansion, you benefit from having the Cash Flow Camel in Crimson Red on your desk.

Prosperity Luck

The West continues to be lucky with the Prosperity Star 8 flying in. Money luck gets enhanced, so you could see improvements in your cash flow, as well as the chance of windfall gains. Investors who are active in the stock market and those involved in business will find the energies here beneficial. Spend more time in this part of the home. Display the Dragon in Forest of Wealth or Azure Dragon with Waves here to activate. It is an excellent time for residents to generate new wealth; carry the Water Wave Amulet to harness the wealth-attracting vibes of the number 8 star. A good time for those living in West sector bedrooms to make the big moves when it comes to romance.

Mixed Energies Here

The 9 star moves to the NE, bringing fame and new opportunities, but because it strengthens the 7 Star, there is increased risk of getting robbed, betrayed or cheated. To tap its auspicious energies, you must ensure you are well protected against the negative ones. Display the Door Guardians with Ksitigarbha Staff Plaque to subdue loss chi. After which, you should activate for long-lasting wealth with the Lucky 9 Enhancer or Money Frog on Lilypad. If your main door or bedroom is located here, wear the 9 Eyed Dzi & Anti-Evil Eye Beaded Necklace or Sky Leopard Charm Bracelet to make the most of your good fortune.

Illness & Injuries

The North holds magnified illness energies that negatively impact your physical and mental well-being. These can cause feelings of lethargy, put your mind in a cloudy haze and make you more vulnerable to falling sick. You could find yourself falling behind in your plans and losing focus. Keep this part of the home quiet. Display the Abundance Wu Lou here for health luck. Occupants of North-facing homes and North sector bedrooms can place the Wu Lou & Peach Bucket of Good Fortune by your bedside or carry the Amulet to Boost Reducing Energy. Best if the elderly and those battling chronic illnesses avoid sleeping in the North this month.

A Dangerous Sector

The energies in the NW are dangerous as it has the violent star 7 joining the annual Five Yellow. This combination increases risk of betrayals and misfortune, so if you can, avoid using this sector completely. Display the Elephant & Rhinoceros with Ksitigarbha Staff here to protect the whole family. If living in a NW-facing home or NW sector bedroom, or if you are the Patriarch of your family, you should also carry the 28 Hums Lotus Mandala Amulet. Keep the Rooster Coin Purse close at work to shield against office politics. Protect your wealth and assets with the Magic Macaw.
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