Flying Star May 2023

May 2023 Flying Stars
Misfortune Star Stirs Up Trouble
  • Five Yellow flies to the center.
  • NE-N-NW - luckiest “Corridor”.
  • Keep lights in NE-N-NW turned on.
  • South brings magnified prosperity luck - activate!
  • East-West axis is afflicted - strong cures are vital.
Moving into May, we have the Misfortune Star in the centre of the Flying Star chart; a warning that there are obstacles ahead. While there are quite a few sectors with auspicious energies to tap, the #5 joining the #4 in the center indicates a need to tread carefully and to employ strong cures. Avoid risk-taking and err on the side of caution when making decisions. Better to be safe than sorry.

Looking at the chart, the NE-N-NW corridor plays host to all the auspicious white stars, so houses facing North will be having a particularly good run of luck. The South hosts two Prosperity Stars, making it a wonderful sector to tap for overall good fortune. Meanwhile, romance luck blossoms in the SE. Activate these parts of the home with bright lights and lots of activity.

The East-West axis houses the Quarrelsome, Misfortune and Robbery Stars, so those living in East and West facing homes, and those with bedrooms in these sectors, must proceed with greater caution. The SW continues to be a danger zone with the presence of the Illness Star. Those residing in this sector, stay well protected! Carry amulets!
In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine yourdirections or locations; the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.
4th Month of the Gui Mao Water Rabbit Year (6th May 2023 - 5th June 2023)

Romance And Wisdom

The energies in the SE improve with the arrival of the #4 Star, boosting love and networking luck for its residents. It also brings excellent scholastic luck, making it a good part of the home for young people to study. Display the Brush with View of 3 Peaks here to activate. Those looking for romance can display the Romance Comb here. For help in forging strong alliances at work and in business, place the Flowers & Apples “As You Wish” Ru Yi in this part of your office. The #4 also improves career prospects for those in employment. Display the Manjushri Wisdom Stupa to make all the right moves.

Magnified Prosperity Luck

The South enjoys excellent vibrations of wealth, success and prosperity luck. To activate, display the Ngan Chee Happy Buddha or Choy San. Use this sector often; turn on the lights, entertain here or liven it up with music. Those in business can actualise good profits, windfalls and commercial success by placing the Sky Porcupine in this sector of the office. Residents can look forward to enhanced fame and recognition luck, as well as new opportunities to make money. Activate with the Nine Rank Badge Plaque or Red Arowana. A good time to take your relationship to the next level as well!

Illness Chi

The Matriarch’s sector, SW gets afflicted with the Illness Star #2. Mothers and residents of SW-facing homes and bedrooms may feel tired all the time and lack the usual exuberance the annual #1 Star here bestows. Because the #2 Star is an Earth Star flying into an Earth sector, its effects can be quite strong. Display a Wu Lou here and carry the Healing Herbs & Longevity Amulet to remedy. Those who are elderly or frail should avoid sleeping in SW bedrooms this month. Invite White Tara into your home for blessings of good health and long life.

Quarrels And Lawsuits

Not a good sector to spend time in this month. The energies here attract quarrels and misunderstandings that can lead to relationships breaking down. Those who reside here are likely to become more short-tempered. If not careful, even minor spats can result in lawsuits or worse, violence. Counter the hostile energies here by displaying the Fire Dragon Holding A Fireball and Red Carpet featuring Fuk Luk Sau, and carrying the Red Prosperity Elephant Amulet. If your front door is located in the East, the likelihood of big quarrels between family members is high. Display the Trinity of Apples to further suppress the afflictive energies in this sector.

Obstacles and Misfortune

The Five Yellow residing here spreads misfortune chi through every space in every home and office, affecting everyone. Obstacles can come in the form of illness, money loss, accidents, heated arguments or loss of an important relationship. To remedy, display the Emerald Pagoda here and carry the Emerald Pagoda Amulet. Display the Wealth Lock Mini Plaque in this sector to preserve your wealth. Carry the Friendship Vibrations Mirror to shield against unnecessary conflict. Married couples should place the Marriage Comb here to maintain peace and harmony within the home.

Hit By The Robbery Star

The West is afflicted with the Robbery Star #7. Homes facing West are vulnerable to breakins. Those living in West bedrooms face the risk of money loss due to being scammed or robbed. Keep the home protected by displaying the Anti-Robbery Plaque and carrying the Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhino Amulet. Invite Green Tara into the home to invoke her divine protection. Place the Wealth Lock Mini Plaque here to shield against losing money. There is an excess of Metal chi, indicating a rise in conflicts. Suppress the hostile vibes with the Trinity of Apples.

Wealth And Financial Growth

The NE welcomes the Prosperity Star #8, bringing strong money luck to those whose homes face NE and whose bedrooms are located NE, but everyone can capture the good fortune chi here by displaying the Pak Choy or Big Money Bull. A good time for residents to generate new wealth! Carry the Wealth Wallet to amplify wealth prospects this month. Note that the annual Loss Star in this sector continues to bring danger associated with betrayals. Remember to carry the Royal Elephant and Cosmic Rhinoceros Amulet to stay protected against dubious individuals. Those in business can boost money making prospects by placing the Celestial Dragon Ru Yi here.

Victory And Completion Luck

The North is particularly auspicious this month. The incoming Victory Star #1 augments the lucky vibrations already present here, and helps attract new opportunities. Combined with the annual #9, it also manifests powerful completion luck. Spend more time in this part of the home. Residents can look forward to more energy and a time when achieving good results is easy. Activate by displaying the Joyous Windhorse and carrying the Sum-of-Ten Amulet. Those seeking elevations in your career can harness the auspicious energies with the Dragon Tortoise Ru Yi. An opportune time to forge stronger connections at work!

Heaven Luck And Windfalls

The NW plays host to the monthly Heaven Star #6, bringing divine assistance, new opportunities and windfalls to residents of NW-facing homes and NW bedrooms. This indication also brings luck to people in senior positions and to patriarchs. Activate with the Heavenly Star Windchime. Display the Windfall Luck Activator here to activate for big bonanzas. The #6 brings powerful mentor and benefactor luck as well. To get ahead at work or in business, carry the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman. Reinforce protection by wearing the Blue Hues Sacred Protection Shawl.
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