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One of a kind

Since I bought this ,so many blessings in unexpected ways, peace and contentment plays great role.


The Anti-Black Magic Medallion arrived in a neat way that it wont attract the eyes of robbers. Such a great way to pack and have received it. Thanks!

I love my coloring book!

Look nice but small

In love.

Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino Amulet
Laura Robinson
Very Nice!

I received this item promptly and in good condition. It looks very nice!

Beautiful craftsmanship

Solid piece, especially after you fill it. Looks great in the home and has great energy to it.

Life force amulet

Smoothly past through a tough month

Joyous Windhorse Amulet

Excellent quality, beautiful design. This is my favorite talisman. I thank the team for good service and fast delivery.

Guru Rinpoche Necklace
Saule Aimbetova
Guru Rinpoche Necklace

So beautiful! I love it ❤️ 5stars !!!

Guru Rinpoche Incense Stick

Very nice smell!
5 stars !

Nine Rank Badge Plaque in Royal Blue & Gold

Very beautiful! 5stars

Excellent paht chee reading

I received my paht chee reading on April 1st, but I wasn't aware of it until I got an email requesting a review of my purchase.
When I started looking through my mailbox, I discovered that the sender was Philip Lim rather than WOFS who I had anticipated.
The paht chee reading was wonderful; Phillip does a great job of accurately read my personality, quite accurate giving an overview of previous years pillars and identifying some issues in the family. I'm delighted had purchased this service because the reading was satisfying and I will apply what Phillip has suggested to improve my future luck.

Very hepful for students

One of my first items from WOFS. I have used this in my major examinations and I always pass with flying colors. It has manjushri mantra that makes this very effective.

Precious and holy

This holy object has a mantra inside. It transforms the energy of our home like magic. People became more agreeable with each other and disagreements became minimal. I put my wishes inside its compartment.

Spin your way to success

I got this few years ago and I have been spinning it many times. It is still working fine really good quality.


Rly amazing broski

Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino and Elephant

Very aesthetically pleasing

Bigger than actual coin

It's bigger than the average coin here in PH but it's a bit heavier. I love wearing it in my pocket.

Big as in BIG

The design of the amulet is elegant yet simple. Thank you for this product!

“OM” Hoop Earings

It’s amazing. I love them and I wear it every day. I feel good energy from them. I really thought they were a little smaller:)

Golden Mountain with Birds
Cecilia Yoneyama
Golden mountain with birds

The first time i saw it oh my God its so wonderful i really live it

Beautiful scarf with mysterious power

This scarf protects and looks beautiful. Wear it all thhe time during travel times.

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