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OX - Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2024

Friends indeed

I love the amulet, it is pretty and compact and the colours are sparkly. Thank you

Perfect wave

It is good quality, easy to carry around and fits the bill for a great 2024

Excellent info on making the transition

Contained all the information I needed about making the transition to Period 9 and how things will be different going forward.

Very beautiful necklace!!! I adore him!!! I recommend it .

Hamsa Hand Anti-Gossip Amulet

Love to read all your predictions thank you

Nice products but terrible expensive shipping costs

Dear Mrs and Mr,
I habe been ordering all ready years Lillians products and I allways enjoy the clearness of the descriptions.
Why I only gave 3 stars, is the shipping costs. The reason I am not anymore ordering all the books and very little during the year. I can understand that the shipping costs has been augmented but they are not longer in proportion with value of the products.

Padlocks of Wealth
Pia Angelina Tan
Padlock 9f wealth

I like the design. Though, i am curious for the reason that it is white in color. I am expecting something lik3 ked.

Amazing Masterpiece

I am one of Lillian’s student and fan of her as well. Her endless knowledge and amazing talent to serve all of those information to us is incredible. Saying thank you is never enough for Grand Master Lillian Too 🙏🏻🥰🧿

Amazing Beautiful Tara

This Tara is so amazing and beautiful. So many details and flowers all over her. The energy is so great and joyful. It's pretty heavy. It has mantra but I don't know how to use it so I don't touch it. The photo doesn't show the real color and the whole beauty of Her

Very Beautiful

This set is very beautiful. The statues are so delicate and spiritual. I like it very much. The Tara is so beautiful with her flowers

Very well made just the right size and shape. Beautiful color and designs.

According to zodiac 2024 I think pig is the best,monkey so so only...tks

Water Obsidian 3 Legged Toad with Ru Yi

After purchasing 5 of these last year, I have again added another 4 more to make it total of 9. These are extremely good fengshui in the home and the product itself are extremely of good quality and each of these 9 Legged Toad looked so calmly and exquisite. I highly recommend these.

Great for healing

It really works, and I definitely recommend it.

Good Health Amulet Card
Thelma Trinidad
Great Cards!

These cards complement each other, and they reinforce your protection for health.

Anti-Illness Amulet Card
Thelma Trinidad
Powerful Protection

This cards are definitely what I needed to feel more protected against illness.

Great book!

Lots of information and examples, perfectly explained. All you need to plan your living space for Period 9.

SNAKE - Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2024


Very lucid and informative on how the year ahead is going , how to capitalise by hardwork, focus, prudence with money, caution, restraints to be exercised for having a smooth year.

Rooster with Dragon Tortoise

Wealth Wallet

I finally got mine! It looks so stunning and it has a protective mantra to make me safe everywhere I go.

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